Effective Property Listings

Effective Property Listings

Make sure your listings are effective and get the results you need.

Some agent LISTINGS can get allot more views per month than others.

Why are these agents’ listings so successful in attracting more views?

Looking at the listing statistics on realestate-namibia.com we have come to the conclusion and would like to provide you with some helpful tips you can apply to boost your listing views

Add enough information many agents list properties but add no or little description in the “description section” field of the property listing. Use descriptive words to sell your properties.
Use the description to sell the property.

2. PHOTO’s

Add enough photos. Some agents add only one photo. You can add up to 25 photos per listing. Take as many shots as you can and then select the 25 best photos. Avoid portrait photos. The quality of photo. Chose the best feature of the property as your main photo is important as this is the photo that is displayed first when a potential buyer does a search. Use a good quality ‘first photo’ that will get the attention of the buyer.

3. Regular updates

Make sure your listings are up to date.

4.Agency logo

Make sure your agency logo is displayed next to your listing. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact us on 081 127 2322.

5. View “LISTING”

After you have uploaded a listing pre-view the listing. Make sure the listing and all its photos display correctly. Send yourself an email or message via your listing on the realestate-namibia.com website to make sure it is working.


Make sure your contact information is correct.


Update your listings frequently. Check your listings “Page View Stats” often. Look at listings that receive many views and try and figure out why. Also look at listings that only received a few views and try and improve the listing by adding more photos, adjusting the selling price etc.

8. Become computer savvy. It is never too late.

9. List a seller’s property and then email or WHATS APP the seller the listing link, so he/she knows the listing is up. You can also paste a link into the email to make it easy for the seller or buyer to click and go directly to the listing.

10. Build an email addresses list of buyers and investors you meet and them email them new listings – either send the listing number or a direct link to the listing.

11.  Go to the realestate-namibia.com website and email your listing to a prospective buyer using the Email button. You can also first email the listing to yourself and then format the email to your liking. Then you can forward the listing to a potential buyer, or you can make use of the integrated

12. Make sure when listing a property to select the correct area (neighborhood) carefully. In certain cities and towns agents list their properties only under the city it would help your prospective buyer to search exactly for what they want. Get to know your city and suburbs on realestate-namibia.com

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