Organic Social Media posts to boast big real estate benefits

In real estate, exposure is everything. You can have the best listings and services. But, if they are not on the radar of potential clients, you will not make sales or broker any deals. Social media sites like “Facebook” give you that extra push. There were 1.31 million internet users in Namibia in January 2021, and there were 800 thousand social media users in Namibia in January 2021, thus “Facebook” allows you to market to a huge audience and get results. And for that, “Facebook” organic posts can help you rise to the challenge.

What is a “Facebook” organic post?

“Facebook” organic posts, also known as non-promoted posts, are shared for free on your “Facebook” page. These posts reach your followers and the people they choose to share them with, so there are no ads or paid distribution involved.
“Facebook” organics posts include links, photos, videos, polls, and stories. With this variety, you have an excellent platform for your real estate business’s creativity. It gives you the space to post about your listings, market news, company updates, and announcements.

“Facebook ” organic posts benefits

1. Facebook organic posts are free
“Facebook” organic posts are a budget-friendly weapon in your marketing arsenal. You only need to invest time in it. That can involve writing copy, creating images, videos, and uploading it.

2. “Facebook” organic posts are good for your SEO efforts
In 2015, “Facebook” started to allow Google to index some of its content. This includes public posts, profiles, and business listings. This means your posts could potentially get featured in results, giving you even more visibility in searches.

3. Facebook organic posts have staying power
At least compared to “Facebook” paid advert, they do. Paid adverts run for the set period you have paid for. Organic posts, on the other hand, remain up inevitably. Once posted, they can continue racking up likes, comments, and shares as people discover them on your page.

4. “Facebook” organic posts build brand awareness
“Facebook” is an influential platform in the decision-making process. “Facebook” helps you jump in and position yourself as the best choice for potential clients. With organic posts, you can tell your brand story in engaging formats. However, there are also few restrictions on the messages you put out.

5. Facebook organic posts give you credibility
What do people often do after they visit your website, see your advert, or hear about you? They check out your social media page. By posting helpful, interesting, and inspiring content, you cement their impression of you as a trusted and established real estate expert.

6. Facebook organic posts can engage staff
When your team feels valued, they feel happier and do great work. Posting organic “Facebook” posts can help you create a recognition-rich culture. Single out employees for stellar performances, show off team-building exercises, workshops, or positive client reviews. By showing your company’s softer side, you can even improve recruitment drives.

7. Facebook organic posts provide insights
With your “Facebook” page insights, you can see which posts people liked, commented, and shared. This can help you understand your potential client better and revise your marketing strategy to target them better.

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Original post was written by Rasvanth Chunylall, 21 Jul 2020 Categories: #Social Media, #Facebook, #Internet Marketing

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